When I was 10 years old, I fished an open bag of Doritos out of a garbage can and ate them. Two years ago, I jumped off a 15-foot cliff in the mountains of Southern California, unsure of the depth of the swimming hole beneath it, as smug teenagers watched and jeered. I’ve told some people things I had never said out loud before and have not said since.

Truth or Dare? I’m a Truth girl, most of the time, so I’ll tell you honestly that I don’t remember how we came up with the theme for this issue. But I do distinctly remember the feeling in my stomach every time I’ve been either truthful or daring. And you know what? They don’t feel too different. Both lurch. Both take you deep down a never-ending hole, overwhelm you with a sensation of cold or heat, defy your ability to imagine what comes next.

Though we tend to set them as opposites, enemies, yin and yang, good or bad, Truth and Dare are actually intimately acquainted. They’ve made out in cars and shared burgers together. They’ve ventured into valleys where enemies live, with no real escape plan. They’ve taken private jets to exotic islands. They’re drinking buddies and blood brothers.

Truth and Dare is the innocent game we built to honor the serious business of taking chances. It’s the excuse to step off the edge or lean in for the kiss; to do the thing you never would have done except…you had to. You had to make a choice, everyone was waiting for it. Was it honesty or bravery you thought would be easier? Emotional embarrassment or physical pain? You see how easily the lines blur, don’t you. How hard it is to separate the two.

So here, in this issue of The Landing, we give you both. We don’t want you to have to choose…not this time, anyway.
Talia Ralph
Editor-in-Chief, The Landing
December 2013, New York


Read The Landing Issue III: Truth or Dare

Read The Landing Issue III: Truth or Dare

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